Development Manager

Company Name:
S&B Consulting Group
The IT Manager will be responsible for the settings, development and servicing of these applications at four North American Locations.
Through work experience and knowledge of the in-house business areas (in particular those linked to industrial production) the IT Manager will be able to understand, anticipate and suggest solutions for our internal business areas (business, production planning, production, finances).
In addition to the assistance brought to the users, this role will be to assess and interpret the requests as well as the needs of the various in-house experts so as to promptly modify the Client tools or convert them into IT solutions that are consistent with the other tools already implemented.
- Diplomas: 2 to 4 years of higher education
- Work experience: 4 years minimum of industrial IT experience (production). Ideally, the successful candidate was a project manager or senior developer in a service company.
- Versatile analyst-programmer (for websites as well as master module of industrial machinery)
- Languages: HTML, SQL, C#, .Net (Framework 3.5-4.0), XAML, Dataset, Entity framework, Silverlight, XML (XPath, XSD..), regular expression.
- Data bases: Access and SQL Server with the associated tools such as Analyses Services , basic notions for administering a data base server.
- Communicating, responsive, rigorous, thorough, being able to adapt easily, with good service mindedness.

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