Entry Level Client Relations Manager For Non Profit

CAM Partners looking for an entry level client relations manager. The strong demand for our specialized marketing strategy has created an opportunity for continued growth over the next few years. To satisfy our current client base and the future needs of prospective clients, we are looking for Entry Level Managers in Training who we can groom into Executive Branch Managers.
These select candidates would be cross-trained in every aspect of our business, including:
Entry Level Advertising, Marketing, and Sales.
Business Management and Client Relations
The Art of Building Impulse
Training / Team Leadership Skills
Creating Long-Term Personal Relationships
Company Overview
For the past few years, we have provided outsourced marketing and sales expertise for several of our Fortune 500 and 100 clients. At CAM Partners, every staff member has made a personal commitment to increasing our clients' profitability and representing their brands with the utmost integrity.
We have created dynamic and innovative ways to market and promote our clients' brands. By having exclusive contracts with our clientele, we are able to find the solutions they need to achieve greatness in their business. We are dedicated to growing our clients' market share, size and scope by working around the clock and creating a personal relationship with each customer we interact with.
CAM Partners strong commitment to a tried and true system of marketing has delivered outstanding results for our client base. However, the past year has only provided a glimpse of what we're capable of achieving. Reaching our full potential is something we have only started to experience, and propelling to the next level of our business is happening now.

All majors accepted. Select candidates MUST possess the following main characteristics:
Strong Work Ethic
Growth Minded
Social Intelligence/Communication Skills/People Skills

Don't Be Fooled

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