HP Blade System Architect

Company Name:
CyberSearch, LTD
HP Blade System Architect
Irving, TX
6 months
$market all inclusive

We are looking for an HP BLADE SOLUTION ARCHITECT - real depth knowledge of HP C7000 chassis' with virtual connect, Flex10 network configuration, etc. We are looking for someone that lives and breathes HP C7000 product experience. HP Blade System Master Certified. This is a Trusted Advisor Architect role that should be familiar with firmware upgrade processes, HP interconnects, how to maintain the enclosure, how to ensure no SPOF
Skills: Must have a minimum of 5 years of Blade System Architecture experience in an Enterprise environment. HP BladeSystem Certified . Must have excellent communication skills.
Must be able to do the following tasks:
Blade System Architect who will gain an understanding of HP Blade-based Customer solutions which are provided to Customer's customers. In turn, the HP consultant will:
o Share HP C7000 Blade architecture and design practices
o Participate in HP C7000 Blade architecture white boarding sessions sharing experience and recommendations
o Observe and attend onsite current-state architecture reviews related to the Blade system architecture and deployment
o Review Customer-provided architecture diagrams, decisions, and pending decisions related to the blade architecture initiative
o Assess impact of HP C7000 Blade design decisions as related to IP network integration
o Identify potential implementation risks and benefits across the following design and configuration discussion areas:
o C7000 VC/OA architecture
o HP Virtual Connect network protocol
o C7000 single points of failure in IP networks
o Flex fabric
o C7000 troubleshooting tools for all modules used in CSCF application; also health check and diagnostics tooling
o C7000 integration into an IP environment; including inter-operability experience with Juniper and Cisco switches
o Provide hands on troubleshooting assistance with the C7000 enclosure hardware
Act as a liaison back to the HP TS support organization assigned to Customer to share information about the Blade implementations and Customer's administrative/operational procedures surrounding them.

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